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The dad bod, tragic or trophy ?

However is this truly a negative thing? One side of the debate suggests that the dad bod should be worn as a proud trophy. A representation of success.

An interesting debate subject for my peers recently, has been the dad bod. I thought we would discuss it here and hopefully get a some feedback from our readers. First of all, lets cover what we mean by “dad bod” Typically this term refers to, a generally out of shape guy. Think, man boobs, a flabby mid section and being generally out of shape. The term refers to a stereotype that dads are busy with their work, wife and kids. So busy, that they lack anytime to work out or go for run etc. Add a poor diet of pies, sausage rolls and ice coffee every smoko and boom! the result is you struggling to tie your work boots, or see your old mate while urinating.

However is this truly a negative thing? One side of the debate suggests that the dad bod should be worn as a proud trophy. A representation of success. The dad bod shows that your settled, well fed from a caring wife and that the kids don’t expect you to be running around the park with them after a hard week at work. It shows that you earn enough cash and have enough support, that you don’t need to be in your physical prime to impress anyone. I mean why bother with the hassles of gyms and busting your arse lifting weights? If the women of your dreams already lives at home and finds it satisfying to see you rest after work. These days, the kids would prefer 30 minutes of your time letting them shoot you on the latest xbox game, or show interest in some dance on tik tok. I can definitely understand this point of view. My wife has told me on more than one occasion that “I don’t want you to be all bulky with muscles.” “I think it’s yuck” Our wives say things like “who are trying to impress?” “I love you the way you are”

However I have found a common issue with my peers that confidently tell me “the misses isn’t into muscles” When we get together and the subject of sex comes up, these same guys seem to normalise not getting a lot. Many men are completely unhappy with the frequency of sex in their marriage. But hey, women just don’t want it as much as us men right? I mean, they tell us they are happy with our bodies and we have nobody to impress. That being the case I have heard these same women, openly discuss the latest shirt off avengers scene or that bands front man being hot as hell. Interestingly enough I can’t say I have ever heard a women say “damn that dude with the beard in the Hangover films gets my motor running” or “yuck that Thor guy is too bulky” Now let’s picture a hens night, the female version of a bucks party. (insert stripper here) How does he look? not your typical dad bod I will wager. How do these wives and girlfriends behave? Like crazy horny school girls.

I would like to say the jury is back and the verdict is in. Your significant other is full of shit. Damn right being fit and having muscles is sexy. Hell yes you would get more action if every time you took your shirt off you displayed a vision of awesome abs and broad shoulders. Being fit and strong makes you confident and confidence is sexy. So wake up lads and ask your self. Do you want more action in the bedroom? Do you want to walk prouder and create a presence when you enter a room? The next time you need to drain the dragon would you like to unzip your pants and see your old mate? If you answered yes to any of these questions and haven’t yet considered all the other amazing benefits of shedding the spare tyre. I highly recommend reconsidering your pride or acceptance of the dad bod.

Let us know your thoughts, or even better your experiences on either side of the debate.

“Men marry women with the hope they never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”

Albert Einstein

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